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About Raginie & Prism Creations

Your Art Marketplace

Prism Creation is the digital Art Gallery by Raginie Duara. Being involved in different forms of art over more than two decades, Raginie's art work has been sold in different corners of the globe to various art enthusiasts. After receiving so much of love and recognition from her clients, she expanded her presence on the global market through Prism Creations. She exhibits and sells her artwork through Prism Creation across the oceans.

Customised Art

based on customer requirements

Art is an integral part of life. One of the primary objectives of creating this space is to fulfil personalized art collection for you, the lovers of art. Varied from acrylic to digital, Raginie Duara feeds your creative needs. Whether you want to beautify your living space or your workstation, custom art that fits your vision, theme and believes; always inspire you to live a little extra.  Your favourite custome art with Raginie Duara is just a few clicks away. 


Animal Portrait Acrylic Commissions


Animal Portrait Digital Commissions

Whizzing past.JPG

 Other Digital Commissions


Human Portrait Acrylic Commissions

Neon drummer.JPG

Human Portrait Digital Commissions

Hues in Portugal 40x40 inch.jpg

 Other Acrylic Commissions

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“You put down one color and it calls for an answer. You have to look at it like a melody.”

Romare Bearden

This video has been deleted.
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